Michael Kors Access Dylan Smartwatch



“Now there’s no need to sacrifice style for technology.” –Michael Kors

For someone who’s a bit of a watch snob (preferably a classic beauty from a good brand, and even better if she’s already an icon in her own right), seeing people wearing smartwatches always elicits puzzled looks from me. Which are then followed by the same 3 questions that will almost always cross my mind. Why would you need one when you already do everything on the smartphone you have? Won’t a smartwatch duplicate everything anyway? And for God’s sake, why is your smartwatch so ugly?

That’s also why, for a long time, I never thought about getting one, because what’s the point, right? All of that was about to change when I was commissioned to test (and review) Michael Kors’ first smartwatch, theDylan. On one hand, it’s quite attractive, a 46mm matte black stainless steel case attached to a thick silicone strap that’s not only sporty but also feels comfortable on the wrist. In other words, it falls into the category of chunky, manly watches that I personally like. So that’s a hurdle down.

One down, two to go.


So why would you need an additional device when your smartphone already does everything, right? For one, and here’s the fun part, you can change your watch face as many times as you want, all with a simple swipe to the left. At last count, there were at least 15 different faces on my smartwatch, and it allowed me to go from classic Roman numerals to flashy digital, and even have glitter running down my wrist. Ok, maybe not the last one, but you know what I mean.


And that’s not all. You can also choose to add additional features to your smartwatch face, such as a second time zone, a fitness tracker (Google Fit™) and even the weather, so you everything is literally there. when you look at the clock No need to open additional apps (like you would on your smartphone), making it even more convenient. Then there’s also the connectivity bit. Let’s say you’re in a serious work meeting and looking at your smartphone won’t look good, but you still want to know how many likes your latest Instagram photo is getting. Well, theDylansmartwatch will show you that (albeit discreetly of course), along with incoming calls, WhatsApp notifications, Facebook updates, the list goes on and on. You just have to decide what is most important and customize it however you see fit.

Powered byAndroid Wear™, you can even ‘Ask Google’to look up something for you online because it’s wirelessly connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and it works fine on bothAppleandandroidphones, so don’t worry. In other words, this smartwatch isn’t going to duplicate anything, rather it’s going to be an extension of your speed-loving lifestyle that requires you to beon top of everything without being constantly chained to your smartphone. Yes, I know how ironic that sounds, but having this baby on my wrist really means checking my own smartphone a lot less, and in fact, for the first time in a long time, it allowed me to stow it inside my bag and freed up my hands to do things. the most important things in life like eating, exercising and shopping with both hands.

Priced atS$590, you can pick up theMichael Kors Access Dylansmartwatch at Michael Kors boutiques as well as select department stores. And if you prefer something with a little more sparkle, there’s also theBradshawsmartwatch that comes in colors like gold and rose gold, with full stainless steel bracelets that even Carrie won’t be able to resist.

Images: Michael Kors