Panerai PCYC Flyback Chronographs




As I have said many times before, a watch is not just a watch anymore. It no longer does what it was originally intended to do as we all have smartphones to fall back on these days. So what does a watch do? For starters, it has become (and I’m deeply sorry about that) an extension of yourself, and the type of watch you wear describes the person you are, or even how it makes you feel when it’s sitting directly on your wrist. .


Take, for example, Panerai’s new line ofLuminor Yacht Challengewatches, a series of 3 flyback chronographs specially created as an ode to his dedication to the preservation of classic yachts, as well as continuing his association with the big blue when he supplied precision instruments to the Italian navy over a century ago.

And while there are 3 different watches to love, I’m in love with two. ThePAM00764, together withPAM00788(44mm case diameter, which is quite large), both sport models that come equipped with Rubber straps and titanium trapezoidal buckles. Water resistant to 100 meters, both are big, black, and chunky, all of which I am not. But I also like to think that wearing either piece makes one seem confident and assertive with a side of solidity—all virtues I’d love to think I have.

There’s no word yet on when they’ll launch (or how much they’ll cost), so stay tuned for more updates. Or you can always head over to the Panerai boutique at ION Orchard for more information.